Photographic work 

All my works have a photographic base. They are the result of captures made with an analog or digital camera. The subsequent processing (laboratory, manual or software) is only a continuation of the original capture that is always maintained as a basis.

Photography is a passion for me...I observe life through a viewfinder.

My feelings, my dreams, my desires ... everything is reflected in my photographic works.

I like to create "other realities", sometimes necessary for survival.

I do not pretend anything...I just try to touch the feelings of the viewer.

The reader of the work always has the last word...I hope you like my work.

In recognition of my work, I have won numerous awards nationally and internationally.

All are important to me every achievement, in its time, has had a very particular and revealing meaning in relation to the evolution of my own photographic technique.

 Some recognition to the work done:

2019 Bronze medal - "Photography Experimental" - 28.Trierenberg Super circuit 2019 AUSTRIA
CISP Ribbon - Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2019 - "Creative" - Cheltenham, United Kingdom 
2016 - Honourable Mention (Section Open) - Bristol Salon of Photography.
2015 Honorable mention (open color) N.E.W. BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT - Salon "Europe"(Greece) - GPU - Global Photographic Union
Bronze medal (open monochrome) N.E.W. BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT  - Salon "Liwa" (United Arab Emirates) - GPU - Global Photographic Union
2012 - AWARD “19th. Exhibition National L´art de la Llum” ONDA. .CASTELLON. SPAIN
GOLD MEDAL PSA (Photographic Society America) PhotoClub Esch.  LUXEMBOOURG
GOLD MEDAL FIAP/Experimental (International Federation of art photographic) LUXEMBOURG
AWARD FOR BEST COLLECTION “29th. Exhibition Joaquín Gil Marraco” ZARAGOZA. SPAIN
AWARD “21th. Exhibition  National  City of Calatayud” ZARAGOZA. SPAIN
AWARD BEST WORK  “Exhibition International Photo Concept  La Libertad” Blipoint /INTERNET
AWARD “Exhibition Camino del Cid” BURGOS. SPAIN
2011 -  AWARD FOR BEST COLLECTION “Exhibition National Petrer” ALICANTE. SPAIN
FIAP RIBBON/Experimental “47th.Salon Mondial PhotoClub Esch”  LUXEMBOURG
AWARD “15th. Exhibition International City of Alcazar de San Juan” CIUDAD REAL. SPAIN
AWARD “56th. Exhibition National City of Xativa” VALENCIA. SPAIN
SILVER MEDAL CEF (Spanish Confederation of photography) SPAIN
AWARD “BOOK 2011 Super digital photo” Grupo V Editorial group. MADRID. SPAIN
AWARD “32th. Exhibition National photographic City of Ibi ” ALICANTE. SPAIN
2010   SILVER MEDAL FIAP  (International Federation of art photographic) LUXEMBOURG
2009 -   GOLD MEDAL PSA  (Photographic Society America)  PhotoClub Esch. LUXEMBOOURG
AWARD BEST WORK  “Entities Confederation attention to addictions”  ZARAGOZA. SPAIN
2004 -   DIPLOME PCE (PhotoClub Esch) “40th. Salon Mondial” LUXEMBOURG.
2003 -   GOLD MEDAL FIAP “39th. Salon Mondial PhotoClub Esch”. LUXEMBOURG
GOLD MEDAL GAUDI “5th. International Biennial /43th .Medal Gaudí”. REUS. CATALUNYA. SPAIN.
FIAP RIBBON “31th..Exhibition International Trophy Guipúzcoa. SAN SEBASTIÁN. SPAIN
NOMINATED FOR "best Author" for national photography prize-CEF-Spanish confederation of photography -SPAIN-
2002 -   DIPLOME PCE  (PhotoClub Esch)  “38th.Salon Mondial”. LUXEMBOURG.
GOLD MEDAL (Batana Gold) “9th. Mondial photofestival/13th. Salon of Photographic Art” Rovinij. Rovigno. CROATIA.
2001 -  GOLD MEDAL “Best of Circuit festival Mundial Motiva 2001” Linz. AUSTRIA.
SILVER MEDAL/ color “37th. Challenge PhotoClub Esch Mundial ” LUXEMBOURG
SILVER MEDAL/ experimental. “37th.Challenge Photoclub Esch Mundial” LUXEMBOURG.
WORK SELECTION “Interphot / 22nd.Adelaide International Exhibition” . AUSTRALIA.
TROPHY BEST WORK VANGUARD “27th.Exhibition Photographic ART Algarve” PORTUGAL.
AWARD BEST PHOTOGRAPHY “Salon National city of Bailén”. JAÉN. SPAIN
GOLD MEDAL GAUDI “4Th.International Biennial /41th .Medal Gaudí” REUS. CATALUNYA.
SILVER MEDAL “14th.Exhibition National City of Cordoba/Award Mezquita” CÓRDOBA.. SPAIN
WORK SELECTION and trophy “9th. International Photograhic Art Exhibitión Mondial”. Beijing. CHINA.
2000  -  GOLD MEDAL “36th.Salón Mondial Photo club Esch”. LUXEMBURGO.
AWARD “5th. Exhibition National Petrer”. ALICANTE. SPAIN
AWARD “3Th.Exhibition National photographic Passion Week” SUECA. VALENCIA. SPAIN
SPECIAL AWARD “Townhall of Oradea / Premfoto / Photographic Club Nufarul Oradea”
The Photographers Artist Association in Romania. ORADEA.  ROMANIA
SILVER MEDAL FIAP   “17th. International Salon Exhibition color Photography” SINGAPORE.
FIAP RIBBON “76th.International Exhibition Real photographic society”. ZARAGOZA. SPAIN.
1999 -  SILVER MEDAL FIAP color “6th.Exhibition International Riedisheim”. FRANCE.
AWARD BEST WORK “General Direction of Consumption /Valencian Government. VALENCIA. SPAIN
AWARD “11th. Nature and Environment Exhibition” XAVEA. ALICANTE. SPAIN    
AWARD “Exhibition National City  Pont D´Esplugues”  CATALUNYA. SPAIN      
AWARD FOR BEST COLLECTION “21th. Exhibition Azuqueca de Henares” GUADALAJARA.. SPAIN
AWARD “8th.Salón National photographic City of Torredonjimeno” JAÉN. SPAIN
AWARD “6th. Salon National photographic L´Art de la Llum” ONDA.CASTELLÓN. SPAIN
AWARD “26th.National Salon photograph of author “Tesoro de Villena”. ALICANTE. SPAIN
SILVER MEDAL FIAP  “27th. International Guipúzcoa Trophy” SAN SEBASTIÁN. SPAIN
HONOR AWARD FOR BEST COLLECTION “34th.Autumn Exhibition /International Biennial” VALENCIA.
GOLD MEDAL FIAP  “34th.International Biennial”. VALENCIA. SPAIN.
GOLD MEDAL CEF (Spanish Confederation of photography) SPAIN    
TROPHY AGFOVAL (Valencia Photographic Association) VALENCIA. SPAIN
AWARD BEST WORK “3th.National Exhibition North Station Valencia” VALENCIA. SPAIN.
1998 -   AWARD BEST PICTURE DIGITALIZED “9th. Exhibition Fundación Fdo.Villalon” SEVILLA.
AWARD “2th National Exhibition North Station Valencia” VALENCIA. SPAIN
ACCESIT “2th National Exhibition North Station Valencia” VALENCIA. SPAIN
ACCESIT “3th. Book SuperFoto” Architectural Photography.  MADRID. SPAIN.
AWARD “National Salon Art Photography Tomás Camarillo” GUADALAJARA. SPAIN.
SPECIAL MENTION FOR QUALITY  2Th. Exhibition photographic Ateneum. ALBACETE. SPAIN
1997 -  AWARD BEST WORK “General Direction of Consumption /Valencian Government” VALENCIA. SPAIN
HONOR AWARD FOR BEST COLLECTION “Exhibition photographic Arrigorriaga”. VIZCAYA
2012   “ART PHOTOGRAPHY / DEARTE”  Palace Ducal de Medinaceli. Soria. SPAIN
2005   Gallery “Ignacio Barceló”. AFOCO (Photographic Association Cordoba) SPAIN
2002   Photographic Association Manresa. CATALUNYA. SPAIN
           Atheneum Mercantil. VALENCIA. SPAIN
2000  Space Hotel Santa Marta.  Cullera. VALENCIA. SPAIN
           EUROART'2000. Individual Stand "Les Drasanes" BARCELONA. SPAIN
1999  Foundation "Max Aub"  Segorbe. CASTELLON. SPAIN
         AGFOVAL  (Valencia Photographic Association). VALENCIA. SPAIN
1998  The House of Culture. City City Council Cullera. VALENCIA. SPAIN
1997  Association Writers and Literary Critics. VALENCIA. SPAIN
Collective  International :
2019 Hartlauer Fotogalerie. Linz.  AUSTRIA
2017  Shanghai World Financial Center. CHINA
Works selected to participate in international exhibitions / mondial.  Organized by FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) from 1997 to 2016 ... approximately 75 collective international exhibitions
Collective in Spain:
from 1997 to 2016 ... approximately 60 national collective exhibitions in different cities
National and International Exhibition Catalogues where has been selected and rewarded the work presented:
Magazine "THE PHOTOGRAPHY" (No. 82) magazine front page and portfolio
Mini Diary: "The Digital milienio" Sol Marrades, 1999
Magazine "Super Photo” (number 47) “As it did "
Magazine “DEBATS” (number 69). Institution “Alfonso the Magnanimous” .Valencia Provincial Council
Magazines newsletters and digital editions of different photographic associations
2000 CD-ROM (Number 3) "Photographers End of Millennium. Spain" Developed by "DIAPHRAGM-PHOTO". Constitutes the visual memory image culture of the late XX and beginnings of XXI century. Consisting of four CDs.
Gathers the most significant works of all the photographers who they have a say in the actual photographic discourse and its adaptation to photography in the new millennium
2000 CD-ROM portfolio of personal work presented in "Euroart 2000"
1998 CD-ROM portfolio of personal work presented in exhibition individual “Neomilenium”
CDs and DVDs. different samples exhibitions where he has been selected the work presented.
Phototheque AGFOVAL (Valencian Photographic Association) VALENCIA.
SGF phototheque. (Guipuzcoa Photographic Society) SAN SEBASTIAN.
FOUNDATION Barcelona Olympic phototheque. BARCELONA.
Consumer Directorate General Funds. Regional Department. Generalitat. VALENCIA.
MAX AUB Foundation phototheque. Segorbe. Castellón.
Phototheque FIAP (International Federation Photographic Art) LUXEMBOURG.
Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia.
RENFE phototheque. North Station. VALENCIA.
Phototheque Photo Club ESCH - LUXEMBOURG
CEF phototheque - Spanish Confederation Photography.
Funds / photo archives Municipal City Councils: 
Sueca Cullera (Valencia), Xávea, Petrer, Villena Ibi (Alicante), Onda (castellón) Córdoba and Fuenteobejuna (CORDOBA)Esplugues de Llobregat and Reus (CATALUNYA) Azuqueca de Henares , (GUADALAJARA) Torredonjimeno and Bailen (JAÉN)Arrigorriaga, (VIZCAYA) Alcazar de San Juan (CIUDAD REAL), Zaragoza and Calatayud (Zaragoza) and provincial funds Guadalajara..
AFIAP : Artist International Federation photographic art.
ACEF : Artist of the Spanish Photography Confederation.
Independent analyst of photographic work. Curator. Creative Photography Researcher. 

"Curator" For private, individual and collective exhibitions of authors
"Curator” until July 2018
“Curator”Jury: AFTDAO (Photographic Association of Arts and Crafts Workshop) Berga. CATALUNYA
“Curator”Jury: Local salons Summer 2012 - AFSA – Xativa. Valencia
“Curator”Jury: "44th Autumn Exhibition Photography 2010"-AGFOVAL.VALENCIA
“Curator”Jury: "VI International Photography Biennial" XLV 2005 Medal Gaudí. Reus. CATALUNYA
“Curator”Jury: "Photo Marathon October 9, 2004” AGFOVAL. VALENCIA
“Curator”Jury: "Autumn Salon XXXVI - IV International Biennial 2001". VALENCIA
“Curator”Jury: "International Competition Guipúzcoa Trophy 2001". SAN SEBASTIAN.
“Curator”Jury: "National Town Hall Torredonjimeno 2001" JAÉN
“Curator”Jury: "XXII National Hall Villa Azuqueca de Henares-2000" GUADALAJARA
“Curator”Jury: "XLIV National Photography City Hall Xativa-99". VALENCIA
Works representing Spain in: "L'Odisee of the Image 2001". ISF - Images sans frontières. POITIERS. FRANCE.
Speaker: "photographic Gama5.profesional 7th Congress 2001". SANTANDER
Congressman: "International Congress Audiovisual and Cultural Diversity-2000", Valencia Third Millennium Foundation. SPAIN
Co-production Film / catalog: "Entre Naranjos" - Tribute to the Valencian novel  Generalitat Valenciana-Department of culture and education. VALENCIA - Valencian Government
Congressman: "16th International FotoVentas 2000". MADRID

My passion for photography goes back to childhood; He started at 9 years old.
First it was a wonderful discovery; a curiosity ... Later, a great adventure; a personal and professional challenge ... And always: a form of fun and evasion.
For many years, photography, for me, is a form of liberation. I started using imaging software around 1992 ... since then I have experienced all the tools that new technologies have made available to me.
As a personal project, I dedicate myself to research in creative photography since 2000.
Photography is a wonderful visual architectural medium that helps us build our own life.
We are only what we can remember ... when there are no memories, we must invent them, build them.
I invent my memories, with scenes that correspond to the lives of other people ... and I make them mine.
Then I work continuously in a kind of "architecture of time" ...

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